8 Tips For Skincare On The Go


With my three week trip to Spain coming closer and closer, I've got travel skincare on my mind. Do you ever notice your skin start to freak out when you travel? It's not uncommon and happens to me all the time, especially if the travel plans involve an airplane. I'm going to share a few travel tips to keep your skin from ruining your trip, so keep reading!

1. Do not wait until the last minute to pack! As you should with the rest of your suitcase, at least start thinking about what to bring way before the day actually comes. This will help you avoid forgetting anything at home and will generally give you a clearer mind about packing. For my fellow procrastinators, this tip is important!

2. Bring your most hydrating products. If you're going to be spending time in an airplane, you should definitely pack some hydration into your carry on bag. This could be a mask, moisturizer or mist, but don't forget about your other body parts! Your hands and lips need love too. Make sure whatever you plan on bringing with you onto the plane complies with TSA regulations because getting your products confiscated does not feel good.

3. Take advantage of your samples (finally)! Yes, this is the moment to let all of your samples shine. If you're anything like me, you throw your samples in your cabinet and forget about them. Well, make sure you have a look because those are perfect for your in-flight skincare needs. You can also try and stock up on samples of your favorite product that is too big for TSA regulations.

4. Only pack the essentials. There's nothing worse than wasting luggage room with products that go unused throughout your whole trip. Think about the things you may want to buy when you're away! You'll definitely need room for that. I know it can be hard not to overpack your beauty products, but it can be done. The photos above are my "rough draft" of what I'm bringing to Spain. You can see that I have two lip balms, two SPF products and maybeee some things I don't really need to take with me. Pack the things you know you can rely on and that you use regularly.

5. Buy travel containers! Another tip to save room is to leave the huge bottle of product and to just put enough to last your trip in a travel container. I purchased some from MUJI for my last trip and they worked perfectly. This is also a great tip if you don't plan on checking a bag at the airport. Make sure the containers follow TSA regulations though :)

6. Choose a reliable pouch/bag/whatever you pack your products in. Keep in mind that sometimes products explode or leak while on the airplane. It probably wouldn't be wise to pack your products in an expensive (fabric) pouch just in case they do leak out. Opt for something easy to clean, AKA plastic. Zip lock bags are the standard, but of course everyone uses the Glossier pouches because they offer protection and have the zip lock function! I can even carry my glass products in there and know that they'll be safe. If you only have a fabric pouch, by all means use it! I'd suggest to put them in plastic first and then in the pouch.

7. Don't be afraid to do your skincare in the plane. Throw a sheet mask in your carry on, people might look at you funny but... who's the one that's gonna get off the plane with hydrated skin? You. If you're on an overnight flight, that sounds like the perfect opportunity to do a sleeping mask like the Laneige Water Sleeping Mask. You don't have to wash it off ;) Other masks for on the go are gel eye and lip masks (see Patchology or KNC Beauty).

8. Remember to do a complete routine after you get off the plane. Properly wash your face! More likely, just take a shower lol. You might benefit from some sort of detox mask as well since we all know the air in the plane absolutely SUCKS.

That's all I have for now! Below are some products that I think are great for in-flight use. We do get commission from these products if you purchase through our blog, so thank you in advance for your support!

Love, Dax