Bag Anatomy: Dax


Lets take a break from all the reviews... I'm writing to you from my couch, under the coziest blanket and of course, doing a mask ;) If you're really super curious, I'm using the Sweet Enough Rescue Mask from Knours. Anyways, today is about getting personal and what better way than to take a peek inside my bag?

I have quite a few bags to choose from everyday, I think I get it from my mom. She's what you could call a "bag lady". My favorites have to be my vintage bags and my teeny blue Simon Miller Bonsai 15. I've been really into tiny bags recently, but for those days when you just have to bring a bigger bag I go for a canvas tote or my Balenciaga City bag (which is still relatively small). 

The Essentials, no explanation needed:

  • My phone. (not pictured) That's a no brainer lol

  • Wallet. Well, it's a card holder but I rarely carry cash and definitely not coins.

  • Keys. (not pictured) It would be a very stressful day without those...


  • Lip balm! I always, always carry around a lip balm (usually my cherry BDC or Le Labo's lip balm).

  • The fragrance of the day. Lately I've been wearing Nova Mineral Musk or Nova Sport, it's a great brand! Sometimes I'll take my little Byredo samplers if I'm wearing it that day just in case I need to reapply.

  • Bobby pins. I always manage to find random stray bobby pins in the pockets of my bag or at the very bottom, probably how I end up losing all of them. I just got these matchstick bobby pins from Pop & Suki that are super cute and come in this box which I keep them in so I don't lose them. I like to pin back my bangs a lot so I find it handy to carry these around. BTW 15% off at Pop & Suki with our code THEGLOSSARRAY15 :) you're welcome.

  • Scrunchie. As I said in a recent Instagram caption (@daxiagodoy), "scrunchies as bracelets because I have none". Even if I don't plan on tying my hair back that day, this scrunchie makes a cute bracelet.

  • Chanel compact. It's my lip & powder duo which I carry as a compact mirror. I mean it looks cute in my bag and it never hurts to have a mirror hehe.

  • BKR water bottle. I'm bad at remembering to drink water and I think a lot of us are. That's why I bought a cute water bottle that will remind me to stay hydrated. I've also used it for iced tea at work and school before!