Bag Anatomy: Mai

Hey everyone! Happy Friday…ish. It’s 11PM as I’m writing this, so I’m a bit late, but let’s ignore that.


For today’s post, I’m going to be talking about a few things that I always keep within my bag!

This bag in particular is what I would consider my “work” bag - so it’s large and carries a bunch of random work-related shit (camera charger, laptop charger, my actual laptop - as you can see in the pics - etc, etc)

So let’s get into it!

Note: I left out a lot of random receipts and straw wrappers lmao - we’ll just be touching on the important things. 

First of all, the tote bag seen here is by Foley + Corinna. I really like this bag! It’s sturdy and holds a ton of things.

I normally carry some kind of catch-all in my larger bags that holds the essentials. This way, everything is easy to find and in one place. My OUAI clear bag is the one I chose today, but sometimes I’ll use a Glossier pink pouch. 

Within my OUAI bag, I have random things that I normally reach for such as:

Also shown are two random Colorpop liquid lipsticks that I found at the bottom of my bag lmao. 


Lastly, my laptop! I carry this with me (plus its charger and random memory cards) whenever I know I need to get work done / if I know that I’ll be somewhere that I can sit down and get work done lol. 

I normally carry a smaller crossbody bag on a daily basis, but this huge bag was more interesting to rummage through for this post lmao. 

I hope you found this interesting - and until next week…… :) 

PS - thank you all so much for 6k followers :’) 

We seem to be hitting a new milestone every single time we turn around, and I couldn’t be happier with the progress that we’ve made so far. Thank you to every single one of you.

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