Bali Body: Late Night Lover Review

With Fall in full swing, and that summer glow beginning to fade away, I’ve been looking for sunless alternatives to keep my skin bronze throughout the colder months. That being said, when Bali Body reached out to Dax and I and asked us to review their “Late Night Lover” Bundle, I was ecstatic and quickly agreed. I’ve heard so many great things Bali Body and their products, and I’m always down to try out a new tanning product.

Let’s talk about what you receive in this bundle – for $99.95 USD (valued at $124.75 USD), you’ll get the Luxe Moisturising Lotion, Shimmering Body Oil, the best-selling Bali BB Cream, and last but not least, the hydrating Coconut Lip Balm which has SPF15! ALSO, you’ll receive all of these products in Bali Body’s golden travel / makeup pouch (which retails for $19.99 on its own). All of these products can also be found under the “Skincare” tab on the BB site and purchased separately. 


What do I think of the products? Let’s move on to the actual review. 

Luxe Moisturising Lotion ($24.95) – a body lotion that is rich in antioxidants that will smooth, soften, and repair skin. Good for all skin types. Includes Vitamin E. No artificial fragrance. No parabens. I love to use this body lotion right after showering, which Bali Body’s site claims is the best time to apply – it locks in moisture – and I agree! After shaving especially, this lotion leaves skin so smooth and soft. As far as fragrance goes, the site claims that it’s grapefruit scented. I’m not a huge fan of it, though. The slight scent doesn’t linger though, which is nice. All in all, I think this is a great body lotion to have on hand! I’ve noticed that it extends the life of my self tan as well!

Shimmering Body Oil ($29.95) – a luxe, multi-purpose hydrating body oil with a hint of bronze. Fast drying. Lightweight. Provides a sun-kissed glow with subtle hints of bronze + gold shimmer for a natural looking bronzed sheen. I was able to use this body oil once or twice on top of a fake tan that I already had when I received the products. I really liked the outcome! It does exactly what it claims to do – gives a natural looking bronzed sheen with beautiful bronze / gold undertones. It really looks beautiful on already-bronzed skin. I haven’t tried it on my extremely pale natural skin, though. I’ll keep you all posted on how it performs! 

BB Cream SPF15 ($29.95) – a multitasking beauty cream that combines hydrating skincare benefits to correct, protect, and perfect the skin. Natural coverage. Glowy with a matte finish. 4 shades. 

I requested this BB cream in shade Tan, which matched me at the time since I had self-tanned prior. Tan is the third darkest shade offered, with the darkest being ‘Dark’. I really enjoy this BB cream, and I love that there’s SPF included. It gives nice coverage, and it’s also buildable which is great. The finish is very natural – gives a slight glow/dew without being too much. The site recommends using your fingers to apply, which I find gives fuller coverage than if you were to use a damp beauty sponge.

Coconut Lip Balm SPF15 ($19.95) – a coconut lip balm to hydrate and protect with SPF15. Hydrates and plumps. Packed with nourishing oils to repair + smooth cracked lips.

 It’s no secret that I’m sort of a lip balm hoarder, so I was really excited to add this one to my collection. I LOVE that there’s SPF included in this, such a huge bonus. I also love the applicator – it’s easy to apply and smells incredible. I do feel that the price on this is a bit steep, but I know it’ll take me awhile to go through. I actually love to use this as a lip mask while I sleep as well – I wake up with the most plump + hydrated lips! 

I’ve really enjoyed all of these products! I think if I were to repurchase any, I’d have to choose the lip balm (duh) and the BB cream. If you’re looking to extend your summer glow into the colder months, I definitely think that this is the perfect bundle for you.  

Thank you to Bali Body for sending these my way and sponsoring this post! All opinions are my own, as usual.

See you soon!