Dax's Bedtime Routine For Restful Sleep

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I sort of have a whole ritual before I go to sleep, and now I know why they call it “beauty sleep”. Here’s how it goes.

First of all, I like to turn my oil diffuser on an hour or so before I go to bed. I put lavender oil in it to help me wind down. I also have a lavender spray that I spray on my pillow the moment I decide to try and fall asleep. I use essential oils a lot for aroma therapy purposes! I’m pretty new to it, but I’ve come to see that essential oils really do help me with sleeping, headaches, congestion and even cravings. This oil diffuser that I have has a timer so I can leave it on while I fall asleep, I usually set it to 3 hours so that it’s on an hour or two after I’m already sleeping. Then it’ll shut off on its own. I’ve found that leaving it on after I’m asleep actually keeps me sleeping. I won’t forget to mention that I use the Hollywood Silk Solution pillowcases, a more affordable silk pillowcase! Cotton on one side and silk on the other. Silk doesn’t absorb oils and moisture from your skin like cotton pillowcases do ;)

In the hour (or so) before I go to sleep I brush my teeth and then do a lip scrub about once a week. My favorite lip scrub right now is the Apa Beauty Lip Loofah (yes, I am obsessed with this brand). It gently buffs your lips while also keeping them from feeling that tightness you sometimes get after a lip scrub. This scrub feels almost as if you finish scrubbing and already have a lip balm on. After my lip scrub I’ll use one of my holy grail products: the Laneige Lip Sleeping Mask. I’ve been using this for years. It’s amazing and works wonders on my lips during the winter.

Occasionally I’ll be using the Apa Beauty White Duo (a whitening pen and film strips) which I'll leave on my teeth for an hour. These are so good that even my mom noticed that my teeth got whiter. And I know I’ve said that before lol. The strips aren’t uncomfortable at all compared to other more flimsy whitening strips. They stay in place and are easy to apply and remove! The White Duo comes with 10 strips, so that’s 5 days. They recommend that you use the entire 5 days consecutively and repeat every 3 to 6 months to maintain your white smile.

On my face I use an overnight hydrating mask (mainly during the colder seasons) twice a week. Lately I’ve been reaching for my Embryolisse Hydra-Masque, which says to rinse off, but I like to use it as an overnight mask. Especially if my heater is on, my skin can get dehydrated overnight and I can wake up with either extra oily skin or very tight feeling skin. Using an overnight mask really helps.

Next I’ll move onto my hands and nails. I always keep these three things on my nightstand: Aesop Resurrection Aromatique Hand Balm, Dr. Hauschka Nail & Cuticle Pen and Dior’s Apricot Nail Cream. First I’ll use the Dr. Hauschka Nail & Cuticle Pen to push my cuticles back (I do this as needed, not nightly). Then I’ll apply and massage the Dior nail cream into my cuticles and nails. This is super sticky and thick so a lot goes a long way and I can’t really touch anything after using it. I’ll put the Aesop hand balm on after it to kind of diffuse the sticky feeling. For a bit I’ll let it all absorb and just sit tight, probably rewatching Gossip Girl. It’s worth the wait because the nail cream is extremely hydrating and my nails love it. The Aesop hand balm has been my go-to for a while, before I invested in the Chanel hand cream. Because the Chanel hand cream is like $50, I save that for use during the daytime. Aesop is now my nightly hand treatment!

Sometimes I’ll eat one of Not Pot’s little CBD chocolate hearts before bed. I wrote a post on them before if you’d like to see my review! They do help me a bit more to fall asleep and stay asleep, I even tracked my sleep quality (using the Pillow app) and compared when I ate one before bed to when I didn’t eat one before bed.