French Skincare: J'aime


Hey everyone! It's Mai, here with another post in which I'll inevitably end up rambling for way too long. 

Just try to bare with me today, because this is a post that I'm so excited about, featuring products that I've been obsessed with. All of these products happen to have a common denominator - they're FRENCH

So, what's the obsession with French skincare that seems to be all over current beauty blogs? Well, it's thought of as effortless and minimal - but you're still able to achieve amazing skin. 

*Fun Fact: The products I'm going to be mentioning today are considered drugstore products in France. However, after doing some research, they're actually considered department store quality here in the states. Interesting!

I've had a wishlist a mile long (on various websites) of French skincare products that I've been dying to try. I've been curating this wishlist for years, and for some reason have never gotten around to actually purchasing these items and adding them to my daily routine. 

Until now. Dermstore was having a 20% off + free shipping sale and I had, HAD to take advantage of it. Even though I felt like the last person in the skincare community to try out / review these products, I had them shipped to my house anyway. 

From Dermstore, I purchased two things. One of which had been on my wishlist for years. I had heard a million and six amazing reviews about it. 

The product I'm talking about is of course the Bioderma Sensibio H20. I have heard so many people rave about this. People that wear a full face of makeup more often than not, people that wore barely any makeup, people that wore no makeup at all: every single one of them loved this product. 

I had been wanting to introduce a Micellar Water to my routine for awhile. I had tried the Garnier one while I was on a trip a few years ago. I had forgotten to pack my normal cleanser, and stopped into Target to pick another one up. Garnier's version of micellar water was sitting there, so I grabbed the blue version - the one for waterproof makeup. 

I hated it.

It left a weird oily residue on my skin and eyes, it felt greasy. It smelled stale. I wasn't impressed.

But, I went out on a limb and decided to try this one because of the millions of rave reviews I had heard / read. The reviews on Dermstore's website were also very convincing. Tons of people said this removed all traces of makeup effortlessly without leaving a residue (thank God), had no fragrance (amen) and was perfect for sensitive skin (hallelujah). 

Anyway, long story short: I obviously love this shit. Its effortless. It removes dirt I didn't even know I had on my face. It doesn't smell, it doesn't tingle, burn, or leave a weird oily film. It's literally just like water - no rinse required! I'm more than pleased, and highly recommend this. Just make sure you get the largest size they offer, because you'll end up being addicted like me ha!

Next, let's talk about the Embryolisse Lait Creme Concentre - another product that I should have gotten the large size of. I get nervous introducing new creams into my routine because that seems to be the thing that pisses my skin off the most if it's a bad fit. 

I had heard a few really positive things about this. It was a product I had more recently heard about, but everything I heard was great. 

When I initially got it, once I got past how small it was (!!!), I was worried about the fragrance. It's an amazing scent. Smells very faintly of a blooming garden. BUT, it's a fragrance nonetheless, and my skin is not friends with fragrance in products. 

THANKFULLY, my skin has been loving this, and so have I. It's a really nice cream that I like using before bed. It sinks into the skin and doesn't leave a weird residue or greasy sensation on the skin. I always look so glowy after applying this, and I look forward to putting this on because I'm falling in love with the scent (I'm currently looking for a perfume to match it lmao). My skin has felt so hydrated since using this.

Also a sidenote: This cream works amazingly as a makeup primer, and I've also heard that it's an incredible makeup remover! I'm happy, and will definitely be repurchasing! 

LAST, but definitely not least, this is a product that my boyfriend actually bought for me for my birthday (which is on the 8th!), and I've been loving - The Caudalie Beauty Elixir! I've been wanting to try this for the longest time, but that's mainly due to the luxurious packaging. I was initially skeptical on how much this would actually do for my skin, and honestly, I still kinda am.

It smells great, first of all. It's very ... spa-ish. I smell essential oils when I smell this, almost.. peppermint-y? But in a good way. The spray nozzle on this is incredible. It sprays out THE most fine mist ever, which actually does matter to me. I hate when chunks of product spray unevenly onto my skin. This gives a beautiful, even hydration. 

I use this after cleansing or right before moisturizer, depending on what products I'm planning on using. I also like to carry this with me and spritz it onto my face throughout the day.

This product claims to be a toning mist that also,

  • sets makeup

  • provides radiance

  • tightens appearance of pores

  • helps with dryness

  • clears up uneven texture and dullness

Now, I have had an improvement when it comes to texture and dullness recently. I'm not sure if it's this product, or some other newbies I've introduced, unfortunately. But I do like this - it's super refreshing, exhilarating and hydrating. I'll continue to use this! I'm not sure if I'll end up repurchasing, though. We'll see! 

That's all for now! I might make an update to this post if I end up adding more French beauty products to my routine (which... let's be honest .... will happen at some point). 

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