A Week With Glossier's Solution

Hello everyone! It's Mai here! I hope everyone has been doing well. 

Minimalistic skincare / beauty brand Glossier released their latest product - Solution - on January 17th, and just like with most Glossier product launches, the beauty community lost their shit.

Glossier has quite the cult-following. Their packaging is to die for, and looks perfect sitting on your vanity or posed in a #shelfie photo. They promote a certain kind of lifestyle along with their products: a very French girl on the go, model off duty, perfect, dewy skin, can't be bothered with the fuss of an extensive skincare/makeup routine, kind of life. Who doesn't want that? 

Aside from that, their products really are pretty good, in my opinion. I've tried a handful of both skincare + makeup products from Glossier, and I've only disliked 1 or 2. Not bad. 



So, what is Solution? Who is it meant for? What do I think of it? 

Solution is Glossier's first more ... intense skincare product. This is a product that you need to be careful with, research, and take your time getting to know. This is a chemical exfoliant. I know that sounds scary, and while you should use any chemical exfoliant with caution, don't forget that this method of exfoliating is actually a lot better for your skin than physical exfoliants - such as a scrub - which can cause tiny microscopic tears in the skin. 

A mixture of Alpha Hydroxy, Beta Hydroxy, and Polyhydroxy Acids, this product means business. Each acid does something a little different. I'll try to break it down for you a little bit, but please do your own research before incorporating this product into your skincare routine. If you have a dermatologist, I don't think it would hurt to talk to them before using.

AHAs (glycolic + lactic acids) are anti-aging, will help with blemishes, hydrate the skin, and lighten any spots with pigmentation, BHAs (salicylic acid) will help with pore reduction; it also has antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties, perfect for treating acne-prone skin and blackheads, and PHAs (similar to AHAs but a larger molecular size, so less irritating) will also help to exfoliate and smooth skin, while also reducing redness.

*Glossier has been very vague about the exact % of each acid in Solution. Which is strange, since this really shouldn't be top secret information. They have stated that there is 0.5% of Salicylic acid included, which ..... is a very low percentage. They haven't disclosed the exact amount of the other acids included, though. Weird.*  

Aside from that, there is a blend of glycerin, aloe, and niacinamide (one of my favorite skincare ingredients, it works very well with my chronic redness) to help soothe redness and calm irritation, which I can appreciate. 

Glossier also claims that this product can be used on every skin type, and won't irritate those with sensitive skin, despite the blend of major acids. I'll be the judge of that!

I have normal/dry, super SUPER super sensitive skin. Like, will turn red for seemingly no reason. Will get irritated texture bumps, for no reason. And here I am, trialing this product for all of you. 

My main skin concerns are my rosacea - I'm really hoping Solution will help to even out my skin tone and calm down my redness. I also have blackheads on my nose, and texture bumps / clogged pores on my forehead that I'd like to clear up.


ANYWAY, let's get into what I noticed happening with my skin while initially using Solution!  

The first time I used Solution was during my night routine. NOTE: Since we don't know the exact % of the acids included, and some may have a sensitivity to certain acids, introduce this to your skin slowly - I decided to stick with once a day, at night. I noticed right away that the smell was very medicinal, which seemed strange to me since Glossier actually did include a "Parfum/Fragrance" in Solution's formula. Seems kinda redundant since the only thing you really can smell is a very evident chemical exfoliant fragrance.  I also noticed a very mild tingling feeling. I figured that this was also normal, since I've experienced this with most chemical exfoliants I've tried, and didn't think much of it.

Moving on, the well-pump applicator worked well at dispensing even amounts of product. My face turned slightly red after application, which is normal for me, and an hour later I realized that I had a few new texture bumps on my cheek. Irritated, maybe? I was pretty discouraged and worried that I wouldn't be able to continue use of Solution. 

However, I noticed the morning after that those bumps I mentioned, had gone away. Really weird. I do have an irritation / allergy when it comes to salicylic acid, but like I said, the 0.5% shouldn't have done much to my skin, so I didn't think it would be an issue. The next night of use seemed to go a lot better. My skin's redness seemed to fade slightly, and I noticed that the texture bumps / clogged pores on my forehead had literally diminished about an hour later. I was .... shocked and really hopeful! 

The next few nights of use went by without much to report. My skin didn't really improve, aside from feeling nice + smooth, but it also didn't get worse, which is notable. 

The morning of Day 6 with Solution, I woke up to a pretty large, inflamed pustule right near my nostril. It was really painful, and I figured this was my skin purging. But, after reading Caroline Hiron's review of this product, I became curious. Was it perhaps an adverse reaction to Solution? She stated that she had a similar experience after only 1-2 nights of use, and while hers was a lot more severe than just one pustule, it made me nervous. She also did mention the inclusion of a certain ingredient - sodium hydroxide - and how high it was on the ingredient list of Solution, which means there's a large amount included in the product. In fact, it's only the second ingredient listed, after water. Read her post for more information on sodium hydroxide, but in short, the amount of SH in Solution can "potentially aggravate your acid mantle, and not in the way acids are supposed to". Yikes. Now I'm nervous. 

I have now completed my week trial of Glossier's Solution, and I'm still on the fence. The packaging is gorgeous, easy to use, and ..... the cotton rounds that you can purchase alongside this product are adorable. BUT, I just don't understand the weird vagueness that Glossier is having towards the exact percentage of acids included, the redundant addition of fragrance, and the SH that is being used in a way that can potentially fuck up someone's acid mantle, which, if that were to happen, can take a very long time to repair.

I think this product would be nice for someone that is being introduced to the more ... serious side .. of skincare. Someone younger, whose skin doesn't really require that much maintenance. I'm still not sure if this will become a staple in my own personal skincare routine. I like what it has done for my skin, but I also feel like it could do a lot more, especially with the claims I've heard from others. 

BUT, it's only been a week. I'll give Solution a month and maybe report back to you guys? Let me know if you would like a final, followup review.  

Thanks so much for reading all of this, if you did. I can be quite longwinded, and I had a lot of thoughts about this particular product. Let me know your thoughts over on @THEGLOSSARRAY. Did this work for you? Did it not? I wanna know!