Hairstory New Wash: Sulfate, Detergent, Chemical Free

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To start off your week, I'd like you to think about this question: Are you ready to ditch your shampoo and conditioner?

While the thought of not using shampoo and conditioner is intimidating and your immediate answer may simply be that you aren't ready...what if I told you that your hair is safe with Hairstory? Hairstory is creating revolutionary products in the haircare market and many people actually have ditched their shampoo and conditioner for their cleansing product, New Wash. Something that is not commonly known is that a lot of shampoos and conditioners claim to solve your scalp or hair problems, but they actually create new problems which leads you to buy the next shampoo or conditioner you think you need. Hair products with sulfate, detergents and chemicals all contribute to these problems and while they are not easy to avoid, your hair is better off without them.

According to Hairstory's website, New Wash claims to bring your hair back to its natural state and that it works for all hair types. I was really intrigued by the whole idea of ditching your shampoo. I thought, after almost twenty years of using shampoo and conditioner, what is my hair even like in its natural state? Of course I was determined to find out. Hairstory kindly sent over a few of their products including New Wash and a lot of you have been requesting a review on it, so keep reading!

First wash:

 Confusion. That is my first wash summed up in a singular word. New Wash has a texture and consistency similar to a conditioner, which I never put on my scalp. Because there are no detergents in it, I wasn't expecting it to lather. I was surprised and a little hesitant to put it all over my hair and in my scalp, worrying that it might make my hair greasy and stiff. I proceeded to pump the product out of the bottle, finding that very little was coming out in each pump. I had to do about fifteen pumps to get the same amount of product that I would use if I were using a shampoo. Fifteen pumps to cover my entire head of hair, and I have a lot of hair. Nevertheless, I applied fifteen pumps of New Wash to my hair, rinsed it out and let my hair air dry with their Hair Balm (for "easy air drying"). I went to bed with my hair still damp after a few hours, woke up with my hair still feeling a little damp. When it finally dried, it was just as I expected: greasy and stiff. I felt like I needed to wash my hair all over again. I knew I must've done something wrong so I continued to try using New Wash until I got it right.

Second wash:

I went easier on the amount of product I applied. Going from fifteen pumps to five, I wanted to play it safe. I really didn't want to risk another wash gone wrong, so I decided to only apply those five pumps to my scalp since the lengths of my hair felt the stiffest. I flipped my head down so that my hair hung in front of me, which gave me easier access to my scalp. I then massaged my scalp all over with New Wash. It didn't feel like it wasn't enough product, but I didn't want to go overboard so I trusted that everything would be alright. Hopped out of the shower, let my hair air dry. Didn't take as long to dry and my hair felt fine. The top of my head was softer than it usually was.

A couple washes later:

Really starting to like it! I decided to take New Wash with me on vacation to The Bahamas so I could continue my little experiment. By this time I've noticed that I can go without washing for three or four days, as opposed to one or two days with shampoo. My scalp feels much less oily and my hair even has a bit more volume! 

A few washes after that (currently):

I noticed a bit of product build up on my scalp and my scalp has been itching a little too, probably from the build up. I probably haven't been rinsing enough. You really have to rinse well with New Wash because it's a thick consistency so you have to get it all out. Other than that, my hair can still go longer between washes which is fantastic for me. I begun thinking about the ends of my hair and if they are being neglected since I only apply New Wash on my scalp. I believe that a hair mask on your ends every week or so is a great way to take care of your ends, so I did put a hair mask on my ends the other night. Bonus points if you find a hair mask without the bad stuff in it!

All in all, I am going to continue using New Wash until the bottle is empty. It does take a bit for your hair to adjust and for you to figure out exactly what works for you, but I hope that if you do try it, it will be worth it. I'm sure, out of curiosity, that we all want to see our hair in it's natural state! I will definitely report back with any updates too.