Joanna Vargas: Rejuvenating Serum + Miracle Bar Review

Happy Friday evening everyone! It's Mai, here with another review for all of you! I hope you've all had a great week and are ready to relax and settle down with a fresh blog post (which is what I'd prefer to do on a Friday night anyway, tbh). 


This week, I'm going to be touching on the Joanna Vargas Rejuvenating Serum and Miracle Bar - two products that I've been using and loving for the past month. 

I do want to note - Dax and I reached out to Joanna Vargas Skincare and asked if we could test drive some of her products to review for all of you! They sent over a handful of things that we were interested in, but this in no way sways my review of either product in any way, shape, or form. 

Just a disclaimer before we start :)


Let's talk about the serum first! This was the product that I was most excited to receive, and for good reason. The claims around this product are incredible: "Joanna Vargas Rejuvenating Serum restores youthful vitality to your skin as it defends against environmental aggressors for a smooth and revitalized complexion."  Uh, yes please.

I don't know if I've just been living under a rock, which is totally possible, but this is the first luxury (and botanical) skincare product I've seen that claims to defend against free radicals + other harmful environmental factors, and is also anti aging to boot! Also, the ingredients are beautiful! Vitamin C, jojoba oil, argan oil, neroli oil - to name a few. 

Anyway, upon first application, I noticed that this was definitely a thicker oil based serum. It smells .... incredible. I can't get over it! The only downside that I've noticed is that it pills easily once applied on top of other products. I tried my best to prevent it by applying my water-based serums before this one, but it still had some pilling issues. 

However, I played around with it a bit and was able to make it work for me by using less of the serum(I realized I was using way too much and left my face looking like an oil slick) + decreasing the number of products used before it (which I probably needed to do anyway - I have a problem with sometimes piling products on before bed lol ... I'm working on it, I'm just excited about so many products!). Also, I love sometimes using this alone before bed after toning + exfoliating on days where I feel like my skin doesn't need any extra treatment, and it works really well for me! My skin loves this, and I love using it! 

The price tag is a bit steep, selling for exactly $100, so I'm trying to use this a lil more sparingly lol. 


Now, the Miracle Bar - 

This is a bar of soap that can be used on the face or body! It claims to be "a moisturizing deep cleansing soap that rinses away impurities to leave a flawless complexion", and "works to eliminate oil and dirt buildup while leaving your skin feeling smooth. Infused with charcoal and bamboo powder, this face and body bar alleviates acne and boosts elasticity", once again, sign me up! 

This is ideally for those with acne-prone skin, which I don't have, but I still love how this works with my skin! It leaves it squeaky clean and soft, and doesn't leave any sort of residue. I also love the smell of this (it includes lemon + sweet orange oil)! Although fragrance in skincare makes me nervous sometimes, this hasn't irritated my skin at all. 

The Miracle Bar has a very modest price tag of $22. 

I've been loving both of these products, and I find myself reaching most for the serum! 

If you've been looking into Joanna Vargas skincare, I hope this helps you make an informed decision! 

Have a great weekend everyone! 

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