Kosås Color & Light Creme: A Review

Happy Friiiiiiday everyone! Mai here, ready to help you ring in the weekend. AND what better way to do that than with a makeup review? 


There's probably a few better ways but just hear me out.


I've been an admirer of Kosås Cosmetics for awhile now. I remember seeing one of my favorite beauty vloggers rave about their lipsticks - which is how they initially ended up on my radar. However, I never got around to trying anything. 

UNTIL, they so kindly sent over some products for Dax and I to try. I was ecstatic, and so grateful. I ripped my package open when I received it and found two of their Color & Light: Creme compacts. Which, by the way, the minimalistic packaging is beautiful and looks amazing on display.

They sent over the shades Velvet Melon + Tropic Equinox. Velvet Melon is a cream blush + highlight duo, while Tropic Equinox is a cream bronzer + highlight duo. Right up my alley. 


I've been attempting to make the transition to all cream makeup products for awhile. I feel that with my chronically dry skin, mattifying products (powder highlights, powder blushes / bronzers, setting powders) just accentuate any dry patches and make my face appear drier than it actually is. 

I felt that these cream blush + highlight/bronzer duos were a step in the right direction.

Immediately upon opening these compacts and looking at the different shades, I knew that in terms of a doable blush color, Velvet Melon was perfect for my skin tone. I'm extremely fair, and honestly, even Tropic Equinox scared me at first. I wasn't sure if even this subtle bronze color would work against my very fair skin. 


Let's talk about Velvet Melon first, since it's the one that I use the most. The name of this shade is perfect, in my opinion. The blush shade that you're supplied with is this gorgeous... well... melon shade. Their site describes this as "a revitalizing luminizer", which is definitely accurate. This brings life back to my skin. 

I do want to momentarily discuss that I've run from most blush shades since I first ever discovered makeup when I was like .... 8, lol. I have rosacea and it was very severe when I was younger, which of course, caused a ton of bullying (my nickname was Cherry Cheeks) from those around me at school. I had a ton of adults always remark to my mom, "Well, she'll never need to wear blush!", which I think was supposed to make me feel better? Lmao. 

So, yeah, I never experimented with blush. I never purchased blush, I never cared about blush. But, since my skin has finally kind of calmed down, I wanted to introduce shades like Velvet Melon to my collection - subtle + healthy looking. I love this. I use it on the tops of my cheeks and nose, and it gives the perfect healthy glow. 


Onto Tropic Equinox - I was scared of this one lol. I initially thought it was meant to be a blush shade, which I ran from since I knew it was going to be way too dark on me. However, when used as a bronzer, it's perfect on me. The perfect wash of color that doesn't leave me looking dirty or orange. 

The highlight shades in each of these are beautiful! I find myself dipping into them even on days I don't want to apply blush or bronze. They're perfect, and layer into a beautiful dewy glow. It doesn't look like you've applied straight glitter to your face either, thank goodness. I can't stand highlighters like that. 

Now, let's talk about the downfall of these products. 

I had to work with these before finding an application method that I found worked best for me and my routine. When I reach for these, it's normally on days that I'm using very light coverage, dewy makeup products (ie: Glossier Stretch Concealer + Dr. Jart Cicapair Cream). I never use these if I'm going for a more full coverage look - here's why: if you don't use these correctly, it will move your foundation and cause patchiness. It was so frustrating for me at first. 

BUT - I figured it out.

I now apply these where I want them with the tip of my finger, and then use a damp beauty sponge to tap them into my skin. I feel that when I initially used my finger to apply + blend, it just moved everything around way too much. With a sponge, you're tapping directly onto the product without moving it around. It works! 

I now have a happy love affair with these products. 

That's it for me this week! I hope you enjoyed! 

And thank you all for the constant love + support that we've received over on our Instagram. We're almost at 3,000 followers, and we only hit 2,000 a couple of weeks ago. You guys are amazing. Thank you. Keep your eyes peeled for a gift that we have in the works for all of you wonderful readers! *wink wink*

- Mai

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*Kosås sent over these products for free, but I was not obligated to make this post and I was not paid to do so either. All opinions are completely my own.