Mai + Dax: Jewelry Favorites

Hey guys, Mai here! I hope you had a great week!

Dax and I have decided to collaborate on this week’s Friday post to show you all our favorite pieces of jewelry as of right now! 


I don’t have too many to go through, since I tend to rotate the same few chains and rings that I own on a daily basis. I like to keep it simple while still making an impact. 


I’ve fallen in love with gold chains and pendants recently (but I do love to mix metals), which is basically the only style of necklace that I’ve been reaching for lately. I feel like they take any simple outfit to the next level! 

I’m also drawn to very delicate rings, as well as signet-style rings. Mejuri sent over their Dome ring from one of their newest collections a few weeks back, and it seriously encompassed my style to a “T”. I haven’t taken it off since! 

I also don’t have my ears pierced, hence the lack of earrings mentioned in my portion of this post. I do have a few gold hoops that are spring-backed, so they don’t appear to be clip ons - but they are. Earrings really irritate my ears, and after dealing with constant infections and my holes closing on me one too many times, I gave up and opted for clip ons lol. There’s plenty of cute clip on options out there, you’d be surprised! 

Pretty much all of these chains and pendants came from either Chinatown or random sites like Depop! The gold dome ring is courtesy of Mejuri, as mentioned earlier, and then the silver dainty ring actually came from my last job lol. Someone left it behind and never came back to collect it, so after it sat there for about 6 months, I claimed it. Is that bad? I hope not lmao. 



For the longest time I was a silver person, but I recently switched to wearing more gold pieces because I think it looks better on my skin tone. Unlike Mai, I don't mix metals. I'm not sure why I just like all my jewelry to match or something haha. I still have a lot of silver pieces including my letter choker from The M Jewelers, Acier Toggle Chain Choker from 11/87 and the key pendant from Tiffany & Co. I like to keep it simple most days when it comes to jewelry, but if I’m really feeling like wearing a statement piece I’ll put on my Roxanne Assoulin Hip Hop But Not clip ons which are sooo fun and gorgeous! My go-to earrings are either my Mejuri Dome hoops or Trio hoops which are simple and go with everything. I keep the sapphire hoops (also from Mejuri) in my second earring holes and wear them with my other Mejuri earrings. Lastly, during the summer I like to wear this gold anklet that I got on Etsy!

My favorite type of jewelry is the kind that you can wear 24/7. I'm bad at remembering to take off my jewelry when I shower, sleep, swim, etc. So I do have a few pieces that I keep on at all times like my silver charm bracelet that I forgot to include in the photos because, like I said, I never take it off lol. My next jewelry purchase is probably going to be some gold necklaces or rings! My fingers are sooo small though so it's often hard to find a ring that will fit me. The rings I have now are all handmade by my mom to fit me or are hand me downs. 

My mom is a jewelry designer so I have had a lot of exposure to jewelry for my whole life and I've even learned to make my own. I've made a couple necklaces in the past that I wear still and some I've given to friends as gifts. My favorite piece to make has to be charm bracelets because they're so personal and the cutest to match with a friend.