PR Picks: Round Two


Hey there! It's Dax here with a second round of PR Picks. A couple months ago I introduced PR Picks as a new series that allows me to choose the best of the PR gifted products I receive. For round two, these are products that I think are worth repurchasing – although some of the products may be to expensive for me to actually repurchase at this point in my life. If I could, I would!

Joanna Vargas' Supernova Serum is the best retinol I have tried to date. Usually my skin hates retinol and the retinization period is always hellish. I knew that retinization would be inevitable if I began to use this, but I was so surprised to see that it only lasted a couple days and was completely bearable with some added hydration. After reading the ingredients I immediately saw two other ingredients that I love: White Willow and Salicylic Acid, both great for oily and acne prone skin like mine. I use this serum every night now (after using it twice a week for my skin to get used to it) and I can see that my skin has become clearer and more elastic. The price ($295) is very over my current budget for skincare products, however if I ever struck gold this would be the product I would repurchase!


The Skin Inc. Pure Deepsea Hydrating Mask and Optimizer Voyage Tri-light were my skin saviors when I was going through that retinization period with Joanna Vargas' Supernova Serum. The mask and the device are used together so that the device glides smoothly on your skin without pulling on it. The mask is a gel texture (love) and can be used every night as a wash off mask or as an overnight mask. It is the most hydrating product I've ever tried, without feeling heavy or greasy. The device is something I was skeptical about at first (do all these expensive devices really work?). It has three LED light options and works with low frequency stimulation to target different skin concerns. My favorite light is the blue light, which I used to soothe and calm my skin when it was adjusting to the retinol. The blue light is also great for acne. The yellow light brightens the skin, goodbye dullness. Lastly, the red light goes the deepest to renew and repair damaged skin cells which helps with fine lines and wrinkles. Using this device for ten minutes a night has really proved my suspicions wrong.

Caudalie's Grape Water is a must have for summer. The mist is so fine and refreshing that I swear it feels magical on a sweltering hot day. Carry it around everywhere because you're going to be wanting this at reach all the time. Not only is it cooling, it's hydrating too! Caudalie is one of the brands that I love, and this mist is not too expensive. I think $10 for a 2.5oz can is great for travel purposes (whether you're traveling across the street or overseas). I do think that it runs out kind of fast, well depending on how much you love it. When you spray it you'll probably spray more than you actually need. Just because it feels so good lol.

MakeupDrop is my favorite beauty tool. I actually use it mainly for skincare purposes like applying masks and depuffing. With MakeupDrop you waste less product because you're really able to get everything in the container as well as the drop not absorbing up any product like a sponge or brush would. It's super easy to clean and feels AMAZING fresh out of the freezer. I woke up with puffy eyes this morning and compared my chilled jade roller to my chilled MakeupDrop to see which one would depuff more efficiently. The answer? MakeupDrop. It also comes in different options such as glittery, Sanrio themed, matte pink and the original drop.

This Youth To The People Adaptogen Deep Moisture Cream is their newest launch. The texture may look like a heavier cream, but it is very lightweight and so good for summer. It absorbs right into your skin, doesn't have fragrance and is meant to hydrate and calm skin. This cream would work very well for people with dry and/or sensitive skin, but I have oily skin and I like it just as much. I would wear this day and night and apply it with the spatula that it comes with for hygienic purposes. In my last PR Picks post, Youth To The People also made an appearance, clearly they never seem to fail me!


Lilah B's Divine Duo (lip & cheek in shade "b. lovely") is my summer makeup staple. I was ecstatic when I was introduced to Lilah B and not just because the packaging is cute. As you all may know, I'm such a sucker for lip & cheek duos. I love the convenience. This color gave me such a gorgeous glow that I literally said "wow" when I looked in the mirror. You can easily apply this with your fingers or sometimes I use an eyeshadow blending brush on my cheeks.

I'm a huge fan of Sol de Janeiro and the smell of every single product they have. When they sent me their glow oils I was so excited to try it. I had never really tried any bronzing product before so when I gave it a go I was really in shock of how pretty it made my skin. I was shimmering and just a little bit darker with this Ipanema Sunset Glow Oil. Their darker oil is the Copacabana Bronze Glow Oil, but I preferred the more translucent shade of Ipanema Sunset. My legs looked so good in this! Shimmery, hydrated and glowing for sure. 

By Rosie Jane's Tilly Perfume Oil is one of my new favorite scents. I have a small collection of perfumes but this is one that I'm not afraid to reach for every day. It's warm, subtle and sweet with notes of coconut, gardenia, grapefruit and pineapple. The perfume oil is the perfect size to throw in your bag whenever and the smell lasts pretty much all day on me. This scent is also available in other forms like a spray on perfume, candle and body lotion.


The new Anese Booty Oil is a caffeinated oil meant to provide firmness and hydration for your booty. It's also watermelon scented which is the first thing that made me fall in love with it (watermelon is my favorite fruit!). I love it so much that I couldn't resist actually putting it all over my body. This is such a summer hit for me. I prefer to put on oils rather than lotions or body butters after showering because I think it absorbs more easily and leaves my skin feeling more smooth and less slippery. This is the first product from Anese that I've tried, but now I'm very curious to try the rest of their products that I've been seeing on Instagram for the longest.

Barbara Sturm's Enzyme Cleanser has done wonders for my oily skin. It helps me get through the day without having to blot my face! I've been waiting for that for so long. This is a powder cleanser that you mix with water before washing up. I find that I really like powder cleansers, as I tried the Tatcha one and loved it too. This one doesn't dry out my skin but also keeps the oil away. There's minimal lathering which is a good sign for me since foamy cleansers tend to dry you out! This Enzyme Cleanser is also a bit out of my price range, but I'm enjoying it while I can.