Silk: The Solution To All Your Problems

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Hey you guys! To start off your week I'm going to be talking about silk and how it is the solution to many problems. More specifically, I'll be introducing The Hollywood Silk Solution who sent Mai and I our first silk pillowcases. We haven't turned back since!

The Hollywood Silk Solution is the sister brand of Slip, also well known for their gorgeous silk pillowcases, eye masks and now scrunchies! Some of the benefits that come from sleeping on a silk pillowcase include, a reduction of bedhead, sleep creases on your skin and skin tugging. On top of reducing those problems, it's more gentle on your hair, so for example, if you just got a blow out you won't have to worry about your hair flattening out as you sleep. It's also super luxurious, who would turn that down?

As many of you may know, Slip's queen sized pillowcases cost $79 (which is the cheapest one). The Hollywood Silk Solution has created a more affordable version priced at $45. It is made with the highest grade of mulberry silk, however it is more affordable because of the bottom side of the pillowcase that is made with high grade cotton. So basically, instead of the entire pillowcase being made of silk, only the top is silk. I very much prefer this half and half deal because the pillow doesn't slide around and also, you only sleep on one side of the pillow (unless you like to do the "cold side of the pillow" thing) so I think it's a great product for a great price. Other benefits are that it's machine washable, has an invisible zipper closure and the dyes used for color are non-toxic.

In my personal experience, I have been waking up with less frizz and absolutely zero creasing! My bangs are also something I have been watching as I sleep. With a normal pillowcase, I wake up with bangs that are stuck to one side meaning that I'd have to blow dry it back to normal in the morning. With a silk pillowcase my bangs don't need fixing in the morning, huge time saver!

The Hollywood Silk Solution currently makes pillowcases in white, pink and caramel! Choose your favorite :)