True Life: I'm Addicted to Lip Balms

Hi everyone! It’s Mai … back with another post that I’ll inevitably drag on for way too long because I love rambling about beauty products.

Expect a ton of rambles today though, BECAUSE .. this is one of my all-time favorite sub-categories when it comes to beauty / skincare. LIP BALMS. 

Well… lip products in general, but I tend to purchase way more balm than any single person should ever need. 

I just can’t get enough of balms. I hate having dry lips, first of all. It’s a pet peeve of mine. I also have fuller lips, and my bottom lip is always dry and peeling (especially in these colder months). So, I guess I try to overcompensate by carrying 5 lip balms in my bag at all times. Who knows. 

Here are some of my top favorites. I’ve tried my fair share, both drugstore and high-end. These are the ones that I love the most. Like, I look forward to putting these on my lips. And enjoying a lip balm means having fewer issues with cracked, crusty, dusty lips. It’s a win-win. 

ANYWAY,  let me not ramble any longer. Here are a few of my current favorite lip balms to keep your lips soft, supple, and plump! 


1. Smith’s Rosebud Salve

This is going to be be the most cost-efficient product in this post, coming in right at $6.00! I have the original formula, the one that comes in the tin. That’s probably the only downfall about this product - the fact that I have to dig my finger into it whenever I want to apply it. However, I know this is also marketed as a multi-purpose salve that’s good for all over the body, and when it comes to using it in that way - the tin is obviously more convenient. 

This salve also comes in a tube, which I’ll probably end up purchasing as well. You can purchase this in multiple variations too, including mint and strawberry.

I love the consistency of this balm. It’s very lightweight and sheer, which makes it so comfortable on the lips without making your lips sticky or weighed down. It has a satin finish that also gives your lips a slight pink tint. It’s amazing! This is super easy to fit into any bag you might be carrying around, and any excess on my finger after application, I normally apply to my cuticles. 

All-in-all, if you’re looking for an affordable lip balm, try this one! I picked up mine at Sephora, but I know these are stocked at a ton of places. 

(The packaging is also to die for as an added bonus).

2. Glossier’s Balm Dotcom


Surprise! I bet you didn’t expect this at all …. heh. I’m predictable, I’m sorry. But these balms are so good! I currently have cherry + coconut. Cherry was the first one I tried out of all the balm dot coms, and I initially chose this one because I wanted one that would give a tint to the lips. I know their Rose formula is supposed to give you a pink-y tint, but I figured it would be sheer and I wanted something a bit more bold - hence the Cherry. I liked it immediately. I mean, I know the formula isn’t anything special or revolutionary - but… I like it. This gives a very sheer wash of color, like I mentioned. It provides a ton of hydration - it sinks into my lips while also leaving a great glossy finish. 

I prefer to use Cherry Balm Dotcom  on its own as opposed to under any kind of lipstick. I like how it looks on its own! 

The only downside I have with this formulation of BDC, is that it’s started to get chunky and oily? It’s weird. It dispenses strangely unless I massage the tube a bit before attempting to get any product out. Otherwise, the oil to balm ratio is off, and oil will begin to squeeze out instead of balm. Weird. I’ve heard other people have this issue with just the Cherry formula. Maybe its the pigment included?


I purchased my Coconut balm on a whim recently, despite the fact that I typically hate, HATE, artificial coconut scents. But, everyone was saying how great the Coconut balm was, and I thought the color scheme of the packaging would look great in my IG pics (lmao), so I went for it. … and HOLY shit, I’m glad I did. It doesn’t even smell like your typical artificial coconut, it smells like a coconut cookie. Think… Girl Scout Samoas. Yes, that good. It’s incredible, and although it’s clear, I love how it looks on my lips. I think this passes up the Cherry formula for me, this is now my #1. I want to purchase 12   backups. The Birthday balm is next on my list. 


3. Laneige Lip Sleeping Mask

Yes, I know. It’s marketed as a lip mask for while you sleep, but I’ve actually heard of others using this product as a balm during the day. After trying this product out myself, I think it’s totally doable! If you go in with a light hand, I think this can totally be worn throughout the day as a very replenishing balm. It feels great on the lips, and gives a really pretty pink, glowy, glossy look to the lips. It also smells incredible! This mask was on my list for a long time and I’m glad I finally picked it up. Its amazing at what it claims to do! I highly recommend. 

4. YSL Top Secrets Lip Perfector


This was a birthday gift that my mom surprised me with, and I’ve quickly fallen in love with it. It claims to be a 3-in-1 balm that hydrates, nourishes, and enhances your natural lip color, and I totally agree. 

First of all, the packaging is gorgeoussss, which … duh, its Saint Laurent. It’s so luxurious and feels great in the hand. I also love the applicator - I don’t have to use my finger to apply. It smells great, and feels very conditioning when you first apply. It then becomes a glossy balm with a beautiful finish. 

I haven’t used this for long so I can’t give an extensive review, but I’ve been loving it so far. I’m a sucker for bougie lip balms, what can I say. 



5. Dior Lip Glow

This was the first high end balm that I purchased, and I was attached to it initially. I carried it with me everywhere. The packaging is dreamy and feels sturdy when using. These adjust to the color of your lips, so the shade ends up looking beautiful on everyone. 

When I purchased mine, I accidentally picked up the Coral shade, which I thought I was going to hate. I ended up loving it! It’s a very sheer wash of a beautiful coral/pink color. It keeps my lips hydrated and nourished for hours, without making my lips feel gross or gunky. It really sinks into your lips and revives them completely, leaving them nice and plump. 

The Dior Lip Glow color selection has grown exponentially, and now there’s definitely a shade for everyone’s taste. They even have a matte finish balm now as well! I really want to try that one. 

I know this balm is on the pricy side, but it’s lasted me forever and I haven’t regretted my purchase once. It’s a glamorous product that I love to use! If you’ve been pondering whether or not you should splurge on this, I would definitely urge you to go for it! 

And, that’s all I have for now when it comes to balms.

Give me a couple of months though, and I’m sure I’ll have a new set of favorites!

Let me know what your favorite balm is over on our Instagram page - @THEGLOSSARRAY, and I’ll see you next time!


- Mai