Wearing This Spring: Dax


Maje dress, all saints top, isabel marant Étoile sneakers, simon miller bag, roxanne assoulin necklace & bracelets, Chimaera sunglasses

Hey guys! It's finally looking like spring over here in NYC so I thought I'd do something a little different. Mai and I are both really passionate about fashion as well as beauty (I had been blogging about fashion since I was 12!). Today I'm going to talk about what I'm wearing this spring. I really hope you all enjoy this as it's the kind of post that's a little more personal. :)

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 Processed With Darkroom
 Processed With Darkroom

The first thing I'm totally feeling for spring is longer dresses. Midi and maxi dresses have been my favorite for some time and there are so many pretty ones! My legs are also very thin, which is something I can get self conscious about sometimes, so I try to stay away from skirts or dresses that are really short. I find that longer lengths are sometimes more flattering on me and they make me feel more confident in what I'm wearing. I've posted this dress over on our Instagram before and received lots of questions about where it's from, but I can't find any info about it anymore! Sorry about that, but don't worry because I'll link some similar dresses below ;)

Another thing I've been loving is small bags. I'm over big bags. Unless I really need the room, I'll always just throw in the little essentials and be on my way. That's why I love this Simon Miller bag, cute and convenient. Another one of my favorites which you've probably seen all over our IG if you follow us (if you don't...umm wyd??) is the small blue pouch from Ganni with a fruit print. I use it as a clutch for school (yes, I bought a mini notebook just so it would fit in my bag).

Next, lets talk layering! Layering your clothes can give your outfit a whole different look. I'm always playing around with layers and that is one of the main reasons why I spend an hour trying to figure out what to wear. My go to for layering is probably a t-shirt and dress. Shirt over or under the dress depending on what I'm feeling. In this look I took a blouse from All Saints and put it underneath the dress. I'm sure we all know last year's trend was to wear a white tee under a black slip, this is kind of the same concept. I encourage you to experiment with your clothes!! They can be used as things that aren't necessarily a given.

Lastly, fun jewelry has been my latest obsession. Colors, shapes, quirkiness! Love it. I always mix my Mejuri pieces which are more minimal with my Roxanne Assoulin pieces which are more of a statement. Out of the ordinary jewelry can make any outfit more unique :)

I tried to keep this a little short because I could honestly go on forever about clothing, but I really hope this was interesting to you guys! Fashion is an important part of my life and if I hadn't started fashion blogging when I was younger, I probably wouldn't be here blogging about beauty either. Crazy how things turn out huh? Hehehe.... see you next week!